Shrub, Hedge & Tree Trimming

Shrub, Hedge & Tree Trimming , Pruning and Branch Cutting + Planting & Removal/Planting/Transplanting

If you have a tree that needs branches trimmed, or simply need the entire tree cut down and removed, we would be happy to oblige!

tree trimming

Whether it’s jut neatening up shrubs/hedges with a trim in the spring, or cutting down an inconvenient overgrown or dead tree….We will certainly handle that and remove of everything. We also are experts at planting new shrubbery and small trees or  delicately relocating existing ones without damage.


IF you need something planted, hedge trimming, tree trimming, or just some dead branches removed from a tall Oak or a whole tree taken down, please don’t hesitate  to contact Foley Landscape Services for a free (no hedge_trimming3commitment) estimate! (as a rule of thumb we have no problem trimming anything at any height! But generally do not attempt to cut down trees that are over two stories tall, or anything too close to power lines/major structures. Situations with large trees that are major projects (and saftey hazards) should generally be done by a specialist/professional arborist. But feel free to call anyway and I’m still more than happy to come take a look for free and give you my opinion!


tree trimming2

Please contact Chris for  details and rates

(rates varies by job size/difficulty, ask for free estimate and we’re happy to come look in person first!).