Other Services

Handyman, Property Maintenance, General Labor and Other Services Offered


In addition to Landscaping and Lawn Care Services please feel free to ask about anything else you may need done. Chris has picked up a variety of handyman skills in all sorts of various trades over the last 30 years:

Misc. Handyman Services Including:

  • Painting (outdoors only, depending on availability and time of year)
  • Fence Installation and repair.
  • Light/Simple Carpentry (Broken Boards, Etc)
  • Light/Simple plumbing (Leaking Spickets, Outdoor Showerhead Replacement, etc)
  • Landscape Design & Lighting

    Overseeding Bare Spots

    Don’t get upset at your pets for the bare spots on the lawn – It’s an easy fix with some overseeding!l

  • Small Stone or Shell Delivery & Spreading (for Driveways, Walkways, and Pathways)
  • Shrub & Tree work  (planting, trimming, cutting, removal and transplanting)
  • Loam delivery and spreading
  • Mulch Delivery & Spreading
  • Lawn Repair (Bare spots / overseeding)
  • New Lawn or Area Installation/Replacement (clearing/leveling/ground tilling/loam/seed and starter fertilizing)
  • Lawn Care  and Maintenance
  • Aeration
  • De-thatching
  • Fertilizing,
  • Garden Tasks (preparation, design, planting)
  • Roto-Tilling
  • Weeding (beds, gardens, walkways, etc)
  • Edging
  • Brush Cutting / Clearing and removal.
  • Gutter Cleaning (First floor only)
  • Pressure Washing (low level areas only – decks, fences, driveways, windows, etc)
  • Dump runs (Depending on materials, weight and schedule)


  • Snow Removal (depending on location and size of area to be cleared, please call for more info. We do NOT currently operate any trucks with snow plows and unable to clear large areas such as parking lots or roadways. Please call in advance of a storm to schedule.


Stair Repair

Consider fixing that broken step this year