Mowing and Lawn Care Services

FULL-SERVICE Mowing and Lawn Care

As with all our services there are no contracts or commitments required even with our regularly scheduled mowing and lawn care services! We strive to earn your business but if something comes up you may absolutely discontinue – or re-continue – your mowing and lawn care service with us whenever you please! Contracts for regular service are available for those who prefer it!

scotty2You may schedule a one-time service, regular weekly mowing, bi-weekly, or simply “as-needed”!

Please continue reading for further details and everything you can expect from Chris and his crew by giving us  the opportunity to have your business!

What a Full-Service Mowing and Lawn Care visit Includes (each and every time!)

Please note we do not require contracts, but would be happy to have an agreement in writing if you prefer. We leave the choice up to each customer. For Arrangements made without a written contract to mow on a regular basis, we ask that payment for each mow is paid within 24 hours unless we mutually agree to a different payment schedule. Late payments without notice are subject to late fees and termination of service until all invoices have been paid in full. (There are of course exceptions and we are more than happy to work out a schedule with anyone for any reason if need be. But as a rule of thumb we prefer (AND APPRECIATE) prompt payment within 24 hours.

  • All mows are a flat rate between $35 and $45 per visit. (Usually determined by the first mow of the season so we can gauge the difficulty and time it takes). 90% of the mows are $40 per visit for properties about a 1/2 acre in size. Once the standard flat rate is established it will never change so you can always know what to expect.
  • At the start of EVERY DAY we SHARPEN our mower blades and CLEAN our mowers & equipment. This provides a neater, cleaner and healthier cut, and promotes a healthy lawn. Dirty Equipment and Dull mower blades will tear grass blades rather than cut them cleanly or invite fungal disease.
  • Before mowing we do a walk-around and pick up any sticks, fallen limbs, pine cones,  various debris  or any trash from your lawn. (within reason! Yards full of trash that needs to be removed would be billed as a separate job! This is mostly a common sense policy!
  • Each Full-Service Mowing Visit consists of an initial walk-around/cleanup if sticks and debris, mow, weedwack/trim wherever needed, neaten up any garden beds that may be slightly over-run with encroaching grass to give them a sharp clean edge again, and finish by blowing off any slide1dust/pollen/grass clippings from your driveway, walkways, stone paths, steps, bulkheads, decks or patios, and the street in front of your property (Especially so we do not ever leave behind grass clippings in the street after we finish mowing)
  • We bag all our grass clippings while mowing and take them with us by default; (Unless otherwise requested to either mow bagless/mulch the grass, or leave the collected grass behind if you have any uses for it, eg: for your  compost pile). Simply let us know your preference!
  • Mowing can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or “as-needed” (scheduled regularly on a day of your choice IF THAT DAY IS AVAILABLE. The schedule is made on a first-come-first service basis regarding preference of day. But we try our very best to accommodate everyone the best to our ability, but it would not be logistically feasible or possible to promise every single person their ideal pick of day)
  • You are not required to be home when we show up to mow (or if you would prefer to be home when we show up please do not hesitate to let us know and we can happily work out a schedule to accommodate that). If you have a locked gate you discuss how you would like it handled (many customers opt to give us a spare key, which goes on Chris (the owners) spare key ring for such properties. Alternatively if you would prefer to be home we will do our very best to get there when you are home (but please understand our daily schedule can drastically change minute to minute and hour to hour, and it can be near impossible at time to  keep a promise to be there at a specific time consistently (Chris hates breaking promises so he tends to avoid making them unless he is 100% certain he can follow through on his word).
  • Scheduled recurring extra requests can be arranged for each visit as well. For example:slide3
  1. Regularly watering plants or garden areas or a patch of grass.
  2. Taking your regular bagged trash or recyclables.
  3. Planning a Fertilization Schedule
  4. Weed Control
  5. Anything else you can think of! Never hesitate to ask!

mowing lawn care

Christopher Foley (owner – Foley Landscape Services) will be present at every job, either working by himself, or working with and overseeing his crew to make sure every job is done to his complete level of satisfaction before we leave (and more importantly, yours!)  Foley Landscape Services ONLY hires long-time trusted professional partners, family members or experienced professionals after an extensive interview process. Foley Landscape Services does NOT sub-out any work, and DOES NOT hire temporary employees (who do not already an existing, lengthy, extensive, and trusting working relationship with Foley Landscaping Services). We want all of our valuable customers to know, trust and be comfortable with their friendly slide2Lawn Care professionals and rest assured you will consistently receive the same top quality service every visit from the same familiar faces! We are now also FULLY LICENSED AND INSURED!

Contracts for regular service are certainly available, but since we do not require any contracts or long-term commitments, we feel it is our duty to earn your business, and to continue earning it with each and every visit! The quality of work you get the first visit is the same you can expect for every visit!

Contact Chris today to schedule or request a free estimate!